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New Textile Collections

I’m excited to be adding my art to textiles and surface designs. There will be a variety of products that I’ve picked to go best with each design and soon a link to where they will be available. Here is a sneak peak at the backpacks!

Art has to be created a specific way to be a visually effective repeat on surfaces. I’ve given into the challenge but still creating paintings and not just patterns. The results are different every time because no two paintings are the same! This can be time consuming for creating but I’m really happy with the results so far.

Thank you so much for joining me! This is an area I’m extremely passionate about adding to my portfolio of work.

Best Wishes Always,


The Fish Jumped over the Spoon

In this painting, water spirits, magical mist and playful fish surround the Minneapolis, MN Sculpture Garden’s Spoonbridge and Cherry fountain.

Fun Facts – “The spoon weighs 5,800 pounds and the cherry, weighs 1,200 pounds. The cherry’s stem also acts as a fountain which sprays into the bowl of the spoon and beneath. It is said that snow on top of the cherry in winter resembles an ice cream Sunday.”

Smells so good!

Why does my studio smell so good?! I recently had the pleasure of making some new business contacts this summer. The folks at Sappo Hill Soapworks were incredible to work with and supplied me with a wonderful variety of “kettle-made and cut by hand” soaps for my new felted soap collection. I also caught up with Diamond D Sheep at the Minnesota Garlic Festival in Hutchinson, MN, where I acquired more Icelandic Wool Roving. Icelandic wool wet felts so beautifully, it’s the most refined wool I’ve ever worked with. I love Icelandic wool! Forever moving forward with my dreamy creations!

A Fresh Look!

Welcome to Pixels and Fluff! Thank you so much for being patient with me while I did some re-branding over the last few months to better reflect my products. New business name, new logo, and new web site are coming together to showcase my new products, which I will be selling locally for the holidays. You’ll find felted soaps, fiber art, textiles and prints from original digital paintings on every page. Thank you for all your love and support. I will continue to make products that make people smile and feel happy! If you have any questions feel free get in touch with me, follow me on Instagram at PIxels and Fluff and here for future updates. I’ll be in my studio chasing colorful, cotton-candy clouds and catching sprinkles from candy-colored skies!

All the best,